UFO Town Hall – 7/18

National UFO statistics experts Cheryl & Linda Costa want to hear about your UFO sighting or your family’s UFO story. Come share the truth of your experience. Cheryl and Linda will present data on UFO sightings throughout New York State, and participants will be invited to share their own experiences with unidentified flying objects!

With the recent sensation the Navy caused this spring when it implemented a formal process for pilots to report unexplained aerial phenomena — what most people call UFOs — after being accused in the past of not taking such reports seriously – a UFO Town Hall is a perfect setting to share your stories!

You are invited to the UFO Town Hall on July 18 at 7 pm at the Center for the Arts of Homer. Donations accepted at the door. All ages welcome!

Cheryl Costa is a two-service military veteran, a retired aerospace security engineer and a published playwright. She has had a lifelong interest in UFOs. From 1998-2001 she hosted “The X Factor” talk radio program in Washington, DC, covering UFOs and many other paranormal topics. In 2013 she began writing NEW YORK SKIES a weekly newspaper blog for SyracuseNewTimes.com. In the column she shared lively accounts of New York State UFO sightings. Cheryl’s live presentations are known for their frankness, humor, and a bit of theatrical flair. 

You can read some of Cheryl’s writing at THIS LINK

You can purchase the UFO Sightings Desk Reference by Cheryl and Linda Costa HERE