Shakespeare’s Macbeth – 8/9 – 8/18

Three witches tell the Scottish general Macbeth that he will be King of Scotland. Encouraged by his wife, Macbeth kills the king, becomes the new king, and kills more people out of paranoia. Civil war erupts to overthrow Macbeth, resulting in more death.

A true Shakespearean classic performed by an all ages cast in an outdoor setting!

Shakespeare’s Macbeth
Directed by Louise Felker
August 9 @ 7pm
August 10 @ 2pm and 7pm
August 11 @ 2pm CANCELLED!!!!!!

August 16 @ 7pm
August 17 @ 2pm and 7pm
August 18 @ 2pm
Suggett Park, Cortland


Macbeth- Simon Moody
Banquo- Daniel Menendez
Duncan/Murderer- Tom Corey
Malcolm- Reed Cleland
Macduff- David VanHamlin
Young Siward/Captain- Brennan Clune
Porter/Siward- Greg Moller
Fleance/Young Macduff- Grace Johnston
Doctor/Murderer- Jack Carr
Lennox- Tom Beattie
Ross- Eliot Gustafson
Lady Macbeth-Danialle Hill
Lady Macduff- Casey Lee Silidjian
Witch 1- Barbara Jo Williams
Witch 2- Demmarie Boreland
Witch 3- Kaitlyn Clune
Gentlewoman/Messenger- JenniferLeigh Clune