Summer Mural Program 2021

The Summer Mural Program at the Center for the Arts is an annual FREE program (with support from the New York Business Development Council and The Brockway Foundation) that invites students in Grades 6-12 to explore the arts by connecting them to their peers, local artists and community members and giving them a creative voice that enriches the quality of life in the Homer community.

Mural-making builds multiple skill sets and achievement, most directly in reading, writing, mathematics, presenting, drawing, and painting. Students participants gain a strong sense of connection and responsibility to the community by creating beautiful public art.

Now in its fifth year, this program will be led by local artist and teacher Molly Reagan. Students will use research, design, and creativity to install a large public art mural at the Center for the Arts of Homer!

10:00am – 2:00pm
(please bring a brown bag lunch and snacks)

7/13 & 7/15
7/20 & 7/22
7/27 & 7/29
8/3 & 8/5


Summer Youth Mural Program Registration

Our mural will communicate the five arts: Visual, Culinary, Theater, Literature, Music. Please list up to 3 ideas for themes that you feel could work as this year\'s mural (be creative!)