Guitar Lessons

Joel is a 2018 graduate from Finger Lakes Community College (FLCC) with a degree in music recording technology. Joel has been a practicing musician for 12 years.

He is a drummer in the progressive metal band Seeds of Light, a guitarist/drummer in a jazz, blues & funk fusion band, and his traditional training focused on jazz and classical guitar and jazz drum set.

While studying at Fingerlakes Community College, he spent 2 years as a studio guitarist drummer working with various artists, and has been featured on three albums from regional artists in the Rochester and Boston area. Joel’s knowledge of classical music was honed as the lead guitarist in a classical guitar ensemble.

He well versed in music theory & musical composition and also offers music theory tutoring. Joel’s focus is on the very technical aspects of playing while also focusing on exposing a student’s skill sets as musicians and to help them develop their voice and express themselves creatively.

For more information on lessons
CONTACT: 607-591-2600