Center Players

Center Players is a community theater program of the Center for the Arts in Homer, New York. Center Players produces quality, live theater productions at affordable prices, by and for the greater community and provides a venue and an experience for community artists to practice and display their craft.

Center Players presents:

Watch on The Rhine

By Lillian Hellman, Directed by Tom Corey

Location: Center for the Arts of Homer, 72 South Main, Homer

Performances: Oct. 3, 4, 6, 10, 11,

Rehearsals: Aug .26 -Oct. 3  (Tues, Weds, Sunday or to cast avail.)


Watch on the Rhine, based in late 1930s, concerns an idealistic German who with his American wife, flees Hitler’s Germany and finds sanctuary with his wife’s family in the United States. He hopes for respite from the dangerous work in which he has been involved, but his desire for personal safety soon comes into conflict the deeply held beliefs that have made him an active anti-Nazi. In the end his conscience cannot be compromised, and he returns to Germany and the resistance movement  and to what, most certainly, will be his ultimate destruction. Told in compelling human terms, the play is an elegant and stirring tribute to the brave men and women who, despite all odds, struggled early on to stem the tide of fascism which was soon to spread throughout Europe and the world.

“Lillian Hellman has brought the awful truth close to home. She has translated the death struggle between ideas in familiar terms we are bound to respect and understand. Curious how much better she has done it than anybody else by forgetting the headlines and by avoiding the obvious approaches to the great news subject of today…. It is a play of pith and moment and the theatre may be proud of it.

It is a well-rounded play, full of flavor and good people and the characters control its destinies. For Miss Hellman never preaches. She has given fascism a terrible appearance without introducing a uniform or a party salute. Being primarily interested in people, she has shown how deeply fascism penetrates into the hearts and minds of human beings.”

Brooks Atkinson

Formerly known as “C4Act,” Center Players is committed to building community by creating opportunities for learning through acting, directing, writing and technical aspects of live theater. An annual season featuring a diverse offering of community theater productions will involve participants, and welcomes new “players” of all skill levels.

The term “community theatre” was coined by Louise Burleigh in 1917. The movement has been called “art theatre,” “little theatre,” “amateur theatre,” even “tributary theatre,” and it engages people in theatrical activity, albeit part-time, than all the rest of the American theatre put together.

For more information email: or call (607) 749-4900.