Center Players

Center Players is a community theater program of the Center for the Arts in Homer, New York. Center Players produces quality, live theater productions at affordable prices, by and for the greater community and provides a venue and an experience for community artists to practice and display their craft.


The Tragedy of Macbeth
Directed by Louise Felker
(Outdoor Summer Production/Shakespeare in the Park)
Production Dates: August 8, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18

June 13 + 14 
Center for the Arts of Homer

Prepare a dramatic monologue of your choosing, Shakespeare preferred.


For more information contact Louise Felker 

Announcing the Cast of the 2019 Summer Musical!

July 26 – 28

Harold Hill:  Jarrett Zeman

Marian Paroo: Haley Georgia       

The Barbershop Quartet:Ewart Dunlop (store owner) (lead) and Traveling Salesman #2: Connor Carroll

    Oliver Hix (Baritone) and Traveling Salesman #4: Sam Herwood

    Jacey Squires (tenor): to be determined later.

    Olin Britt (newspaper owner)(Bass): John Melvin

Marcellus Washburn: Jack McAuliff

Mrs. Paroo: Brynn Carr

Mayor Shinn: Sandy Sampson

Winthrop Paroo: Stuart Carr

Charlie Cowell: Matt Steele

Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn: Tammie Whitson

Alma Hix: Alyssa Courter

Ethel Toffelmier: Dana Comfort

Maud Dunlop: Meghan Henley

Mrs. Squires:  Casey Lee Silidjian

Amaryllis: Kara Sova

Traveling Salesman #5 & Constable Locke:  Anthony Caravella

Zaneeta Shinn: Olivia Stockwin

Tommy Djilas: to be determined later

Gracie Shinn: Hannah Bouwens

Traveling Salesman #3 & River City Man:  Jack Carr

Pick-a-little ladies:  Kelly Horrozles and Maggie Mathey

Teen dancers

Lily Barrett                                  Ethan Coburn

Rachel Bowens                          Carrick Knarr

Nina Campos                              Levin Niggli

Lavinia Caravella                        Owen Thomas

Lucia Caravella

Kaitlyn Clune

Marin Sharer

Hannah Slade

River City Residents:

Lydia Andre

Leah Bowens

Natalie Brown

Ruthalina Caravella

Toby Carr

Jack Carr

Lauren Franco

Aida Henkel

Kelly Horrozles

Bridget Madden

Maggie Mathey

Sarah Parsons

Drew Thomas

Haley Tucker

Sophia Wineburg

Formerly known as “C4Act,” Center Players is committed to building community by creating opportunities for learning through acting, directing, writing and technical aspects of live theater. An annual season featuring a diverse offering of community theater productions will involve participants, and welcomes new “players” of all skill levels.

The term “community theatre” was coined by Louise Burleigh in 1917. The movement has been called “art theatre,” “little theatre,” “amateur theatre,” even “tributary theatre,” and it engages people in theatrical activity, albeit part-time, than all the rest of the American theatre put together.

For more information email: or call (607) 749-4900.