Ways to give

Center for the Arts of Homer
72 S. Main St.
Homer, NY 13077
Or you may Call: 607-749-4900
We are currently transitioning our online donation systems.

Your support of the Center for the Arts helps our organization offer even more quality programming, and enhance this historic building. Giving can take many forms, and there are many reasons to give. We invite you to read the Center’s “Case for Support” Click Here. The Center has an incredible story to tell, and you’re invited to be a partner in writing the next chapter. Giving is contagious. When you contribute, you help generate a ripple of generosity that keeps the momentum going. If you had a wonderful experience here, your gift is a way to express gratitude and support for the Center’s mission.

678087-heart-512A Center for the Arts membership is the easiest way show support and receive immediate benefits such as reduced admission to concerts, “free for members” events and programs and “members first” opportunities for tickets and seating. It gives you an immediate return, and makes you  a direct part of an inside circle of friends and supporters. It’s simple and easy. CLICK HERE to become a member.




678087-heart-512If you really love the Center, take it to the next level. Sponsor an event or special program. Your sponsorship will help the Center offer great events and programs that we could not otherwise provide. You’ll get recognition at many levels for your leadership support. And our brand builds your brand – especially with our enthusiastic audiences that come from across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, as well as our incredibly loyal Upstate New York fan base. We can get really creative with event sponsorships, and it’s a huge win-win. CLICK HERE




678087-heart-512As important as support from membership and ticket sales are, they cover only a small portion of the organization’s annual operating expenses. That’s why your unrestricted, 100% tax-deductible contribution to the Center for the Art’s Annual Fund is so vital. It allows us to bring in top-notch, award-winning national talent, and showcase emerging artists from around the country as well as the greater Upstate region. It enables us to launch initiatives like community theater, youth programming, artists in residence programs, special exhibitions, educational programs and other projects that help us expand our reach to new audiences with dynamic new content. Mail your gift to the Center for the Arts, 72 South Main Street, Homer, NY 13077.




678087-heart-512Because we are fortunate to be the stewards of this beautiful 1893 historic building, The Center for the Arts maintains an ongoing capital campaign to support preservation, renovation and upgrades to this very special arts complex. We also continue to invest in sound, lighting and other technology to create a state-of-the-art environment that is as functional as it is beautiful. We love to hear audience and performer comments about the Center because we agree that it’s truly special. It’s a unique opportunity to hear top-notch, award-winning national performers and emerging talent in an intimate setting with a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Your tax-deductible capital gift will help with our wish list:

Pave both parking lots

Landscape the front entry and create pathways to the new box office

Illuminate the building and make façade improvements

Replace front signage with attractive new system

Restore theatre doors and replace flooring in theatre vestibules (in progress)

Restore the bell tower (in progress)

Continue to enhance sound and lighting equipment and systems, and make electrical upgrades (in progress)

Upgrade broadband, cable and other infrastructure access to enhance Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities and add live streaming capabilities (in progress)

Continue to improve classroom areas for quality programming, add computers and broadband for more education programs in digital media, trans-media, and technologies that support creative sectors.

Upgrade sound, lighting equipment and technical systems to expand program capabilities and enhance aesthetics of the Karen Sager Community Room (in progress)

Replace overhead lights with an attractive, energy efficient lighting system, and add ambient lighting for dinner cabaret style venues, weddings, corporate and other group special events

Upgrade kitchen area and bathrooms (in progress)

Enhance entries and box office area (in progress)

Remodel and redevelop unused office space for rental opportunities that are mission-related (in progress)

Make façade improvements to the community building

HVAC improvements to assist with overall building energy efficiency

The Center has established a number of giving levels to encourage broad participation and recognition of our generous donors. To learn more, contact Ty Marshal, executive director of the Center for the Arts at 607-749-4900 or CLICK HERE to email.

678087-heart-512We’re grateful to donors who made extremely generous gifts to name the Bill and Ruth Whiting Theater and the Karen Sager Community Room. These leadership gifts literally “set the stage” for The Center for the Arts. There are a number of naming opportunities still available for many rooms and programs. It’s a loving way to honor someone who has been part of the Center, a family member or important friend. It can memorialize your personal contributions, or simply say thank you for all that the Center has provided to the community for so long. You’ll also see naming opportunities throughout the Center – from window restorations to classrooms, and more. These opportunities can be personally crafted, working with our executive director. To learn more, contact Ty Marshal at 607-749-4900 or CLICK HERE to email.




678087-heart-512The Center for the Arts is pleased to receive special gifts such as appreciated stocks. While most people give in the form of cash, investors may get a little more bang for their donations by gifting long-term appreciated stock if they have special circumstances. When you give long-term appreciated stock, you can often get an additional tax benefit by minimizing or avoiding tax on the “built-in” capital gain of the investment. Actual tax benefits vary depending on the details of your overall income tax situation, but talk with your Financial Advisor to learn more about charitable giving alternatives that may be a good fit for your personal financial situation. We are happy to work with your tax and legal advisors to determine how any particular strategy might work best for you. It’s good for the Center, and it may be advantageous to you as well.




678087-heart-512A legacy gift is a planned donation to a charity, given through a will or other designation. It is a decision donors make through their own financial planning process, taking into account their charitable wishes and values. These gifts can be made the old-fashioned way, through wills, living trusts, beneficiary designations on IRAs, 401(k)s, or insurance policies, or other financial and investment instruments. There are often important beneficial tax considerations for making a planned gift. Charitable bequests can sometimes reduce the amount of estate tax their beneficiaries will owe.

As you make estate plans with your professional advisor, we encourage you to keep the Center for the Arts in mind. 




678087-heart-512The Center for the Arts of Homer has established an Endowment Fund with the Community Foundation of Central New York. This means that CNYCF acts as the financial steward for these long-term endowment funds invested on behalf of The Center for the Arts, ensuring strong, independent fiscal management by an organization that has been managing donor advised funds and endowments since 1927. This fund will help ensure the long-term health and sustainability of the Center. Consider a gift to the Endowment Fund. It is a gift that keeps giving. You can make a gift of any size to the Center for the Arts Endowment Fund on-line through the Central New York Community Foundation. CLICK HERE for more information.

To everyone who attends shows, sponsors, volunteers, and those who donates time or money, we appreciate your continued support and everything you do for us!