Center Sessions

Music is the most accessible art form there is. It binds people together. People, cultures, ideas, emotions. It influences and catalyses everything around us.

Center Sessions“Center Sessions” is a multi-media project of the Center for the Arts of Homer that chronicles exemplary bands and musicians from throughout the Central New York region. Center Sessions provides artists the opportunity to present themselves and their work on a contemporary platform.

Performed in a relatively informal context, and within non-traditional spaces at the Center for the Arts (Balcony, Bell Tower, Kitchen, Art Gallery, etc) – these performances are recorded live by professional audio and video engineers and released via social media and web properties as a means to introduce the world, digitally, to musicians of Central New York.

These recorded performances are also digitally archived as an historic record.

Featuring musicians and bands of various genres, and from various locales within the CNY region, Center Sessions is made possible through a decentralization grant administered by CNY ARTS that highlights the impeccable, and diverse musical talent based in Central New York.

Musicians in Central New York offer a wide variety of music for our local and regional audiences, and giving those artists the opportunity to highlight their work adds to the cultural landscape of Central New York, and the world.

Musical artists in the Central New York region may apply to participate by emailing: (please include sample of music, along with bio and contact information).

The Speculators

The Beauchesnes