Tech / Backline

Semi-circular, polished hardwood, elevated 2’ from floor.

Stage Dimensions: 

44’W x 22’D at center. Depth of wings between 16’ and 12’.


Blind entrance from corridor behind stage; movable stairs center stage, stage right/left.


All shows are currently general admission.
(Patrons have option to “reserve” seats with 3M Post-it notes prior to showtime on a first come, first served basis)

Reserved seating options available Fall 2018.

Theater style seating.

Main floor: Ten rows arranged in arc; three aisles. Capacity: 280.

Balcony: Two rows on sides; four rows facing stage. Capacity: 120.



Sound/PA System:

(1) Behringer X32 Digital Mixer with S32 Digital Stage Box

(4) EAW MK5326 full-range speakers (2 stage left/2 stage right on wood blocks)

(4) EAW UB42 high-fill speakers (1stage left/1 stage right, 1 balcony left/1 balcony right)

(4) EAW SM129zi monitor wedges

(2) Behringer Eurolive VP1220F monitor wedge

(2) Peavey 112HS monitor wedge

(2) Peavey 112M monitor wedge

(2) QSC RMX 1450 Power Amps (monitors 1 -4)

(2) Crown XLS 1500 Power Amps (main low/mid)

(1) Peavey CS800 Power Amp (main high fills)

(1) Peavey CS1800 Power Amp (balcony)

(1) QSC RMX 5050 Power Amp (spare)

(1) Fender Bassman 150 Bass Combo Amp


(5) Shure SM58

(5) Shure SM57

(1) Shure Beta 58a

(1) Shure Beta 57a

(1) Shure Beta 87c

(2) CAD CM217 (condensers)

(12) Tripod Mic Stands w/ Boom Arm

(1) Tripod Short Stand

(1) Heavy Base Straight Stand

Musical Instruments:

Yamaha Grand Piano (Main Stage only)

Yamaha Parlor Grand Piano (Events Room only)

Yamaha Portable Ground DGX-650, with weighted keys

Yamaha Power V Drum Kit:

22″ Bass Drum

16″ Floor Tom

13″ Rack Tom

12″ Rack Tom

14″ Snare

14″ Zildjian Hi Hat

20″ Zildjian Ping Ride

21″ Sabian Ride

18″ HH Medium Thin Sabian Crash

17″ Zildjian Medium Crash

14″ Sabian 8 Plus Hi Hat


(2) ELAR Ex Tri Bar Elation

(3) Opti Tri 30 Elation

(6) ETC Source Four 750 19″ spot

(15) ETC Source Four 750 19″ gel

(2) ETC Source Four 750 PAR

(2) ETC Source Four 750 large spot

(1) ETC Smart Fade DMX controller