Genitor, Kurt Riley, Wagner3000 – 4/20

Showcasing three of the most eclectic artists from the tri-county area, alternative rock takes over Homer at the Center for the Arts. With special guests: Wagner 3000 from Syracuse, Kurt Riley from Ithaca, and Genitor from Cortland. Consider this the aural experience of the century.

Admission is $5 at the door. Music starts at 8pm.

image3Genitor is a four-piece alternative rock band hailing from Cortland, NY. Since 2011, they’ve been writing and performing songs that have won over fans of punk, folk, metal and everything in between. Over the past six years, their sound has evolved into a pop mentality, with a powerful driving force behind it. Their catchy hooks and well-crafted compositions are apparent the first time you listen to them. They’ve released two ep’s during their time as a band, and recently released a collection of songs entitled “Fossil Dome” that they feel is their best yet.


image2“(Kurt Riley’s) scintillating blend of punk, New Wave, and glam rock will excite you about the direction of contemporary music.” – WVBR

“(Riley’s) live performance is unflagging in its energy, unpredictable due to its creativity, and unapologetic in its boldness.” – The Cornell Daily Sun

“One of the Best Local Live Acts of 2016.” – The Ithaca Journal

“Towards the end of his life, David Bowie once characterized himself as a man lost in time, but Kurt Riley is just beginning to find himself in it.” – ECM


WAGNER 3000:
image1(1)Music that simultaneously showcases a previously unseen musical spectacle among the widest range of captivating songs found in a show today. Mingling with vast aspects of influence From Bowie, UFO, AC/DC, NIN, Nirvana, King Crimson, and the ever so enchanting carnival music (and many other sources). WAGNER has the capability to tingle all your moods and senses.