Cortland County Treasure Hunt for the Arts!


The Center for the Arts of Homer and Experience Cortland have hidden three gold tokens somewhere in Cortland County and will issue weekly clues pointing treasure hunters to their locations.

token2Solve the clues and find a token, and you’ll WIN two tickets to every Concert & Event at the Center for the Arts of Homer through December 2018!

Plus other special prizes that we’ll add along the way!

10 total Clues for each token will be released for a total of 10 weeks to correspond with the hiding spot for each token.

New clues will be available  starting each Tuesday for the duration of this contest.

We’ve hidden the tokens in three of these five Cortland County Cities, Towns, or Villages:

Look far and wide
and you may find
a season’s worth of fun

but keep your search to
Homer, McGraw, Cortland, Little York, or Truxton


Hiding Spot #1
Clue #2

There is no risk you will be arrested, hurt or drowned. We hope for you to have some fun and finish safe and sound.

Hiding Spot #2
Clue #2

The second point is one on which we will not hem or haw.
It will not help you find it if you disobey the law.

Hiding Spot #3
Clue #2

For those who give this hunt a try, you can find it and stay safe and dry.


Hiding Spot #1
Clue #1

“To find this token, keep your feet planted firmly on the ground. A place with public access is where it will be found.”

Hiding Spot #2
Clue #1

A lot of fun is what you’ll have,
In search of this medallion,
But not a thing that you might do.
Will turn you into carrion.
To dig or climb or swim or jump,
May seem quite a blast.
But it won’t get you anything,
Except a broken path.

Hiding Spot #3
Clue #1

Seek this coin and ye shall find, but there is no need to dig, trespass or climb.

Good Luck! Please only search safely for tokens and stick to publicly accessible areas in Cortland County.



This contest is being sponsored by our friends at Bernard’s Custom Logo.

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