The Gallery at the Center for the Arts

IMG_9169Established in 2005, the Gallery at the Center has held over 100 exhibits featuring local, regional and nationally known artists. Gallery Hours are 11am – 4pm Monday – Friday and by appointment. Call: 607-749-4900 or email






Community Arts Challenge 2018 Flight smallIt is time to get out your art supplies, your dancing shoes, your musical instruments, your cameras, your computers and pens. The ninth annual Cortland County’s Community Arts Challenge is underway. All Cortland County artists, dancers, musicians, photographers, and writers are encouraged to participate.

What is the Community Arts Challenge? It is a juried competition, co-sponsored by the Center for the Arts in Homer and the Cultural Council of Cortland County.  Cash prizes will be awarded in six major categories: Fine Arts, Artisan Crafts, Choreography, Musical Composition, Photography, and Writing.

The “challenge” is to use one’s art to depict or express a specific theme. The artistic theme for the 2018 Arts Challenge is FLIGHT.  Submitted works will be judged on how creatively and skillfully they communicate this theme. Participants are encouraged to think about all the uses and meanings of “flight” when planning their creations. All of the Arts Challenge artists will be celebrated at a public event on January 25, 2019.

Anyone 16 years of age or older who lives or works in or around Cortland County is eligible to participate in the Arts Challenge. There is still plenty of time to plan and produce your entry. Submissions are due by November 1, 2018. So, start planning ways to use your talents to be part of this community-wide event.

Full details about how to enter the Community Arts Challenge can be found at You can also call 749-4900 to have a prospectus and an application form mailed to you.

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Exhibits at the Center for the Arts are organized by Terri Fendya and curated by Bryna Silbert

For more information, or inquiries about submitting work, please contact