Nightwing Healing Arts

Nightwing Healing Arts Studio

Nightwing Healing Arts studio offers reiki, energy medicine, alternative health, meditation, and life coaching through various monthly events, workshops, private and group sessions. Whether it’s bodywork or a lifestyle consultation, your appointment is a learning experience, and a chance to tune into your body’s innate wisdom through the guidance of experienced practitioners.

Our practitioners are:

Ruth O’Lil (Reiki Master, Quantum Touch)

Melissa Marshall (Reiki Master, Tarot Card Reading)

Damien Olcott (Shamanic Journeying)

Tony Clark (Reiki Master, Biofeild Tuning, Crystal Healing, Shamanic Journeying)

For information or to schedule an appointment call: (315) 480-4921

Nightwing Healing Arts Studio is located in the “Fountain House” at the Center for the Arts of Homer. 72 S. Main St. Homer, NY 13077.